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China Mainland - HK Cross-Border Transportation Service

SC Global Trans (HK) Co., Ltd, S.C Global's subsidiary, is an integrated modernized logistics company, which focuses on the China-HK cross-border transportation services, and integrates the services of China-HK freight cars, consolidated transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, picking, delivery and supply chain management. Since its establishment in 2007, SC Global Trans (HK) has won the trust and support of many customers with its efficient and professional operation team and experienced customer service team. S.C Global has 75 China Mainland - HK container trucks and ton trucks and 21 HK local ton trucks, which are all equipped with with GPS and professional cameras to provide customers with efficient 3D logistics services  connecting China mainland and Hong Kong. Meawhile, S.C Global has warehouses both in mainland and Hong Kong, which covers an area of around 10,000 square meters, these warehouses are equipped with professional WMS warehousing system, an operation team of nearly 100 people, 24-hour monitoring equipment, and all-round infrared anti-theft system to  ensure the safety of warehouse operations, and provide customers with elaborate warehousing services. Last but not least, S.C Global’s own customs clearance team has rich experience and resources, and 24-hour cargo handling capabilities, which can provide customers with efficient and personalized services to meet their different logistics needs.